A blog is born

The day we fell in love at the bunny house.

The day we fell in love at the bunny house.

I finished my MA last December (I’ve since started a PhD, but that’s another story) and entered the bleakest of bleak job markets. Even with all my experience, international travel, multilingual proficiency (not to toot my own horn, but you get the idea) and so on, I couldn’t find a job. Not a good job, but any job. It was infuriating, frustrating, depressing and generally awful.

I decided to do some volunteering. And as I have always loved animals well past the point of normal, I thought, “Hey, the Humane Society!” But that didn’t work out. Neither did a cat rescue. I found the Georgia House Rabbit Society online purely by accident one day and visited the following weekend. One thing led to another, and pretty soon I was volunteering there (and loving it) every Thursday morning.

It wasn’t long before the fine Thursday morning in late February that I noticed a skinny, dappled, lop-eared bunny in one of the pens reserved for medically compromised rabbits who turned out to be my savior of sorts. Russell was underweight, malnourished and suffering from acute malocclusion. Someone – who deserves to be set on fire – had left him in a cage without food or water in the middle of an abandoned baseball field.

It was love at first sight. I knew the instant I saw Russell that he was meant to be my bunny and I put him on hold right then. He went home with me two weeks later.

It sounds incredibly cheesy and cliche to speak of the joy that pets bring, but I’m going to try anyway. Russell is a happy bunny with a curious streak the size of a football field. He is completely fearless, as evidenced by his riding on the vacuum cleaner, and adorably runs laps around my feet when he knows he’s about to get a treat. He is four and a half pounds of awesome, of huge personality, of intelligence, of love.

I nicknamed him Bunicus and he and his lady love, Jane, are the stars of this blog. My fiance and I play supporting roles that include maid, treat-fetcher, ear-stroker, nail-clipper and litter box-changer. But mostly we’re both just devoted bunny parents, a couple of humans very lucky to play mom and dad to these tiny, wonderful rabbits.


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