Russell in recovery

So Russell had surgery yesterday. His front teeth were in bad shape when I adopted him and Edie told me they’d have to come out eventually, but I put it off, clipping his teeth myself once every couple of weeks. He hated having it done, but I was terrified of the risks involved with anesthetizing a four-pound rabbit. Anyway, he had the surgery. It was a 30-minute procedure that felt like hours, since I was sitting in the waiting room trying not to cry. When I heard the vet assistant say, “Russell’s all done!” I leapt toward the door to the operating area. I thought she’d bring him out in his carrier, but no. I heard the telltale click-click-click of little nails on tile and there he was, hopping toward me like nothing had happened.

His poor little front tooth before I clipped it for the first time.

His poor little front tooth before I clipped it for the first time.

Of course, you can’t exactly scoop up a bunny and hug them, so I had to settle for a few enthusiastic head rubs. He hopped about impatiently while I signed the post-op paperwork, then we went home. I noticed later that he had blood on his mouth from the surgery, making him look for all the world like a really sweet vampire bunny. At any rate, unlike his mama, Russell was utterly unfazed. Aside from his irritation with me for giving him his admittedly foul-smelling antibiotics, there was no difference in his behavior. He was eating immediately, chomping away at his greens with his still-intact back teeth and begging like always for his carrot-flavored timothy biscuits.

Jane proved to be a wonderful bunwife through it all. She cleaned the blood off his mouth and he hasn’t left her side since yesterday. It makes me so happy to see them snuggle and be affectionate. Rabbits are social animals, as I plan to address in a later post, and they will never be nearly as happy alone as they are once they’re bonded. And once bonded, they’re together for life. Which is awesome.


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