Bunicus Triadicus


Enjoying their nightly “hay salad” of timothy, orchard grass and just a sprinkling of alfalfa.

The GHRS annual Wine & Dine event was a huge, roaring success. We raised over $10,000 for the buns and had entirely too much fun. I met Edie’s husband, put several faces with GHRS names and even met the author of the totes-adorbs and very informative blog Rabbit Ramblings, known informally as Bunya. The event featured a silent auction with tons of bunny and non-bunny stuff. The fruits of my bidding labor are shown in the picture — the “handicapped” litter box/hay rack and the carrot-shaped bowl. To go with their three lettuce-head bowls, you know. I bid on the litter box because I really needed a way to combat Russell’s insistence on kicking all the hay out every. Single. Time I freshen it. It works, to some degree; no longer able to kick out the hay, he now kicks out the bedding. Swell.

Despite Russell’s persistent bunny-ness, of course I love him dearly and would not change him for all the tea in China. Besides, the new litter box has brought with it the unexpected benefit of Jane actually using it. She’s finally peeing IN the box instead of beside, across from, in front of or behind it. The carrot bowl, though not as popular, serves its purpose quite faithfully and satisfies my female need for cuteness everywhere.

Also, do you think the bunnies get cuter every time I take their picture? Seems like they do.


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