Bunny house update

Oh, what a relatively long time it’s been since I posted! Things are busy in the world of bunny rescue. GHRS is – to my great, great pleasure – going from strength to strength these days. Our most recent event, Brews for Bunnies at Monday Night Brewery in Midtown was not a huge success, but we did all have quite a bit of fun drinking their sub-par beer. Here’s a few shots:

IMG_20131026_143935_585 IMG_20131026_144608_811 IMG_20131026_144652_035

The most recent GHRS membership meeting saw yours truly become chair of the Events Committee. I take the place of Megan Rockwell Carpenter, whose sweetness of spirit in the midst of chaos is her hallmark and will sorely be missed. For my part, I’m excited to play a more central role in planning at GHRS. Like everyone else on earth, I secretly believe my ideas are somehow superior and with me at the helm, progress will be made by leaps and bounds. We also kicked off our holiday fundraising drive this morning, quite by accident, when I saw Amazon Smile on Nonprofit Quarterly’s Twitter feed. If you’re not familiar, here’s how it works:
1) Go to Smile.Amazon.com
2) Search for “House Rabbit Society North Georgia Chapter”
3) Click ‘Select’
4) Shop! Now, anytime you purchase goods through Amazon, a small percentage of your total will be donated directly to GHRS. (Just make sure your shopping cart screen says “Supporting House Rabbit Society North Georgia Chapter”)

Tomorrow, Ellen and I will take on Atlanta Veg Fest. If you’ve nothing to do and want to observe vegans en masse, come hang out with us!

My own baby bunnies are doing just fine. We tried out Doodle Bug for a few days as a possible fourth bunny, but it was not meant to be. DB, as I came to call her, is a somewhat grumpy, 15-pound Flemish Giant. The boys liked her okay, I guess, but Jane was driven to rage by her very presence. She attacked through the ex-pen bars so many times I eventually had to surround the cage with cardboard and hope her furious scratching wasn’t strong enough to break through. DB went back to the center after just three days, bless her heart, and Jane returned immediately to her gentle, mild-mannered self. As if she didn’t just spend 72 hours acting like a rabid bloodthirsty she-wolf.


Can you feel the murder tonight?

After DB, I brought home Jackson, one of the sweetest and gentlest little boy buns I’ve met. Today makes six days he’s spent with us, and I still can’t figure out if it’s going to work. Jane is not wild about him; she seems mostly indifferent or irritated if he hops too close when she’s resting. Russell is just here for the food. Bear, however, has taken a special interest in – tormenting? initiating? – Jackson. He’ll face-hump (sorry) Jackson until the latter gets understandably fed up and snaps. Bear becomes visibly confused when this happens, as if he were only trying to be friendly, and twice now they’ve come to semi-serious blows over it. I’m hesitant to give up on Jackson, because I know that both he and Bear are naturally sweet-tempered, but the thought of either of them being seriously hurt makes me feel sick. For now, Jackson is confined to one of the center’s tall ex-pens all night and during the part of the day when Kirck or I can’t supervise.


Sweet wittle Jackson in his pen at GHRS


A very promising joint dinner

Will Jackson join us permanently or be face-humped back to the center? Time will tell. Save the bunnies, y’all.


2 thoughts on “Bunny house update

  1. When our bonded trio is separated (e.g., Bunya was sick and away at the vet for a few days), and they get back together, they still have to “go through the motions” of reasserting the hierarchy. Most often, Bunya exhibits his alpha bunny status to Ethel, who is probably the most docile. She lets him get away with it for a week at most and then stops letting him. When this happened last time, we took the girls to spend the day with him at the vet and brought them all home together. That way, they all smelled the same and were a little shook up, versus reintroducing a “stranger” to the home turf alone.
    So in your situation, you may want to give it a week so alpha gets the need to assert out of his/her system. And maybe a car ride to GHRS and spending a little time on neutral/strange turf might help, too, to give this difficult foursome bonding a fair shake.
    But keep a broom handy.
    Good luck!

    • Thank you!! The car ride is a great idea. It’s really only Bear and Jackson having trouble, so not too bad. They’re figuring it out. They went three hours last night without incident, and I’m so proud of them!

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