The buns are back in town!

It’s been a rough couple of months at Russell, Jane, and Bear’s house – hence the lull in posts. I shouldn’t have let the blog slide, as I enjoy it immensely, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease, as they say, and I have been overrun by squeaky wheels. 

First, the bunnies: A couple of weeks after the last post, Jackson and Bear had a serious fight. Bear’s ear was torn and I panicked, wracked by guilt and fear of losing him, and returned Jackson to the center. I had other sources of guilt, too: Russell had grown incredibly fond of Jackson, following him around like an adoring little brother and snuggling him at every opportunity. Around the time of The Fight, Russell became uncharacteristically aggressive with Jane and Bear, and despite my re-bonding attempts, they remain separate. My little trio has split up, I guess permanently. 

Russell settled back into bunchelor-hood for a couple of months until last week, when I gave in to the persistent guilt I’d had over returning Jackson and fetched him once more. The reunion was adorable. I could almost hear them both saying, “Hey, friend!” They re-bonded immediately and as I type are snuggling in my bedroom. Russell is so happy to have a buddy again! Now, I have two bonded pairs. Jane and Bear are content together living in the guest bedroom, while the boys have taken over the master bedroom. My fiance loves it. 

The bunny house is in a state of flux. I’m working on the first event of the year, Bowling for Bunnies, to be held on March 15. At the end of December, we won a $1,000 grant from Adopt-a-Pet, which thoroughly gladdened my heart. I’m hoping this year is lucrative and smooth as regards GHRS. We’re so close to making big, significant progress. 

Personally, I’ve grown tired and disillusioned with graduate school. I’d love to quit my PhD program, but still (one year and counting) cannot find a job. It is monstrously depressing. I try to focus on my work with GHRS and on my family, but it does drag me down quite often. I wish someone, anyone, would just give me a chance. 


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